"We've been going to Beaus and Belles sessions for over 2 years now. We like the sessions so much because there is a great variety of really interesting activities. We especially like exploring all the musical instruments, listening to different types of music, joining in movement and dance activities, and taking turns around the group.  Sarah has a rare gift and talent both for all things musical and for working with groups of young children, so every session is really special. From a speech, language and communication point of view, the sessions give the children extremely valuable opportunities to develop skills in listening, waiting and taking turns to speak in a group setting. These skills are all essential for learning, both socially and academically."

Hazel, mum to Adam 3 and Alice 1
(NHS Children's Speech and Language Therapist

"Beaus and Belles is a fantastic musical experience for my whole family. My 3 year old really looks forward to 'music class day' and my 7 month old (who has been accompanying her sister since aged 4 weeks) is enjoying a wonderful introduction to music. The songs are fun and stimulate the imagination and I really like the fact the girls are experiencing real instruments. I cannot recommend Beaus and Belles enough."

Jenny, Charlotte and Isabelle
(NHS Health Visitor)

"We love this class!! Such a refreshing change to other generic music classes we have been to. Sarah introduces the children to a large array of musical instruments and uses puppets, parachutes and other props to engage the little ones througout. A relaxed and enjoyable class."

Charlie & Dakota & Piper
(Aged 2 and 3)

"Beaus and Belles music and movement classes have been brilliant for my 3 year old.  We have been attending for over 6 months after trying several other music classes and Beaus and Belles is head and shoulders above the others.  For the first time he has engaged and participated in music and dancing, looks forward to the classes and talks about them during the week. Sarah has a genuine warmth when interacting with the children as well as an impressive ability to remember their names and the songs and activities they particularly enjoyed in previous sessions. Beaus and Belles is a superb music and movement class and I cannot recommend it highly enough."

Dominic and Alex
(yes Dad's come too!)

"As a local childminder, I find Beaus and Belles a useful resource in providing an 'Early Years Foundation Stage' appropriate activity. The classes are small and they encompass the many aspects that music explores. The children particularly like the variety of musical instruments that they can explore. It encourages their Personal Social and Emotional Development by boosting confidence, social skills and friendship making. It is an inclusive environment that allows all abilities to succeed and be praised. Thankyou Sarah and Rock On Beaus and Belles X"

(Registered Childminder)

"We have been coming to Beaus and Belles for a year now and my daughter Lucy loves it. Sarah is a fab teacher with so much enthusiasm, I only wish I knew about her classes when my other daughter was little. I thoroughly recommend it."

Liz & Lucy
(Happy Belle!)

"I can highly recommend Beaus and Belles as an early learning, fun activity conducted in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  The children experience handling a variety of musical instruments and soon get the rhythm of choosing, sharing and returning the equipment.  They have their favourite songs and it's lovely to watch them joining in in their own way or just observing and maybe repeating what they've seen when they get home."


"These classes are fantastic and my son absolutely loves going to them.  They are highly interactive, educational and lots of fun for the children (and the grown-ups too).  There is always a good mixture of singing, dancing, listening to music and playing real instruments.  The classes also gave me lots of ideas for musical activities for my son and his older brother (4) at home."

Silke & Indhra (1)
(Happy Beau!)

"Great fun for my daughter to learn to have fun with musical instruments and interact with other children. She loves music and this is a great group for both of us."

Anita and Ruby Jenkins

"My child really enjoys the group and I find it is fun in a relaxed way with no pressure for the child to join in or not. An earlier start i.e. 9.15 would be nicer but I understand this may not be possible. This a great class for our local community."


"My little boy has really enjoyed the sessions, it has helped him take an interest in musical instruments + lengthen his concentration."

Ellie Mackie and Finlay
(aged 12 months)

"We both enjoy the music classes."


"We have come to classes for about a year and enjoy the different elements to the classes. The choice of music really varies from other classes and the children like the instruments + violin as well as scarves and balls."


"My oldest son (now two years) has been attending Beaus & Belles since he could sit up himself and absolutely loves it.  He regularly starts 'attempting' to sing/do actions at home and his development has really come on.  Have started to also bring my youngest and know he also enjoys the singing and movement.  We really look forward to Beaus & Belles every week and luckily Sarah has a lot of patience! Highly recommend this music class."


“My son and I really enjoy Beaus and Belles. It's such a lovely interactive session and he really gets a lot out of it. The format is varied enough to make it interesting but with some repetition especially at the start and end which makes him feel at home\know what's coming. He is particularly enthralled when Sarah plays her violin and takes nursery rhyme requests. We've been to quite a few groups and this one is without doubt the best by a country mile”

Jo (and Logan) by email

"A very gentle, inclusive music group that makes my little girl giggle & interact even at 7 months. It's something that we both look forward to & enjoy. It gives us ideas for new songs & play times when at home. Sarah has a lovely manner, I would recommend you try this group."

Rachel and Eadie
(Happy Belles!)

"My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the Beaus & Belles music group every Tuesday. It was fun, interactive & run by someone who not only is a Traind Musician, but understands how to engage & motivate young children. It has given Erin a real love of music. We miss the group and I wish there was an after school one!

Tina & Erin
(Aged 4)

"I have been taking my daughter Annabel to Beau's and Belles since she was 5 months old. It is by far and away our favourite music group; Sarah engages with each child and holds their interest through music, dance, instruments and characters. The group sizes are large enough for children to mix and be sociable, but small enough for each person to have a go with everything and be a part of the group. It's fun for Annabel and is a great way to build her confidence with and enjoyment of music and instruments."

Beth & Annabel by email

"We're new to this class but really impressed with Sarah's approach to teaching about music & movement. Ollie is a relatively shy child in new groups but seems to really enjoy these sessions. Sarah's warm personality engages all the children both individually and as a group. A thouroughly fun class, very much worth the fee for Sarah's time & planning, which I hope we can continue to enjoy."

Sarah & Ollie (2.5yrs)

"I'll never forget the amazement on my son's face when he first witnessed Sarah playing 'Wind The Bobbin Up' on her violin. Sarah glides us through the session so well, the children and adults focussed throughout. I try to bring my son (aged 1) every week because we both love it. The perfect way to introduce children to a wide range of musical instruments. Sarah's group encourages listening skills & turn taking. A great way for young children to learn about rhythm and pitch."

Caroline Cowling

"I have been bringing my grandson Joshua to music for the past 6 months and he thoroughly enjoys it. It has helped with his coordination and sharing and rhythm. He is fascinated by Sarah especially when she plays the violin. This is a very good music class.

Barbara Hale

"I'm so pleased I found Sarah's Beaus & Belles class. It's the one class I hate to miss! The activities that Sarah includes all have a purpose in the background for children's development. I've been very impressed with how my son has developed since attending (12 months; now 22 months). I often see/hear him replicating songs/tasks from the class around the house. Sarah's enthusiasm for the class is amazing too!"

Alicia & Clayton (aged 22m)

"Sarah's music classes are fantastic. They are well structured and resourced - allowing children to explore and learn at their own pace, but at the same time having a clear aim for their development: listening/communicating, turn taking, teamwork, competency in music - singing and playing, confidence, and perhaps most importantly, develop their sense of fun! I cannot recommend these classes enough. We sing the songs at home and it also gives us ideas of activities to do in between classes. William has been going for 1 year and socially has really benefitted (as I have too!) Thank you, Sarah, for providing these great sessions!


"Bethany started your class approx a year ago at the age of 13 months very shy and withdrawn. The transformation is incredible and still improving. It has helped with her listening, her social skills, co-ordination. I am so happy with this class and I long for it to continue. Thank you so much.

Lisa and baby Bethany