About the Classes

Your child/ren and you will learn exercises, songs and techniques that can be used at home in your own time to strengthen your bond with your child and help develop their emotional confidence in the key early stage development years.

The classes last 45 minutes with no breaks and I'm very confident that once you've tried them you'll want to return.

I use real instruments that all the children can use and interact with during the activities.  The instruments are safe and carefully selected to appeal to childrens senses, they also bring diversity as the instruments are from various locations throughout the world and enable discussion about the countries and cultures from where they originate.

Class Sizes

Ideally each group will have between 6 and 12 children although it does vary.  There are often a good number of parents and children that bring the class to life and make for a wonderful place to meet other like minded parents and children.

Class sizes are important and I've been to many classes where the class size is larger.  I think that a smaller class size helps keep the interest of the child, which is really important.  It also allows me more personal interaction with the children which speeds up their feelings of security about attending the class.